Why IPS?

For 25 years, IPS has been helping customers worldwide to automate and digitalize their businesses through a wide portfolio of highly customized solutions.

Founded in Switzerland, IPS delivers the highest levels of quality and professionalism. To help you achieve the cost advantage customers need, we have established nearshore and offshore development centers, where highly skilled IT specialists create world-class high-tech solutions.

IPS provides an ideal and unique combination of high-tech experience, long-term business partnership, qualified people with established processes, and above-all advantageous prices.



More reasons why...

IPS, although a high-tech company, believes in traditional business values like mutual trust, responsibility and long-term partnership. Considering the pricing advantage we offer, IPS is an ideal business partner for software development.


IPS masters a wide range of high-tech technologies. Our solutions are often related to cloud, machine learning, augmented reality, mobile computing, 3D visualization or advanced analytics.


With three development centers in the Czech Republic and Vietnam, IPS bring our customers required pricing flexibility.

Long-term cooperation

IPS is not just a supplier - we are a partner. We strive for long-term cooperation, where we can combine our unique technical skills with business insight.


We create dynamic teams according to your current needs. Stable core team members are on demand supported by various specialists in areas like UX, security or advanced visualization.

Transparency & predictability

We are a reliable partner. From the very first day of our mutual cooperation we act transparently and in predictable manner. Things like detailed and precise reporting, transparent decision processes, and keeping promises are essential for us.


We are an emancipated partner with a strong sense of responsibility. We are accountable for all that we do.

Portfolio of services

IPS offers a broad portfolio of effective solutions to help you succeed. One size does not fit all. IPS creates solutions unique to you: tailored to your needs, robust enough to last, and flexible enough to support future changes in business processes.

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