Our offer

IPS offers a broad portfolio of services to support the digitalization of your business.  We know that one size does not fit all, and thus we focus on solutions unique to you: tailored to your needs, robust enough to last, and flexible enough to support future changes in business processes.

The extra value of our services portfolio comes from long-term partnerships. In addition to successful project deliveries, we assist you in migrating traditional business to the cloud, define architectural blueprints for the new digital landscape, set up the necessary infrastructure, secure your business, support and maintain the solutions,  and much, much more.

IPS Service Portfolio offers three core services complementing each other. Advisory Services transform your ideas into tangible and feasible plans. Solution Services materialize these plans into high-tech solutions integrated seamlessly into your existing application landscape. Operations Services assist you in running and maintaining these solutions.



IPS solutions, delivered through our service portfolio, are multilingual, multiplatform, geographically distributed and support business-critical processes. We bring value, no matter where you need to implement your vision. We are equally confident in the cloud, on-premises, with hybrid or mobile solutions.  With the latest technologies such as augmented reality, machine learning or IoT, we can bring you beyond traditional IT.


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Customer value

Our customers have different needs, but they also share something in common. They need solutions they cannot buy elsewhere, solutions which are cutting edge, solutions implementing sophisticated business logic. We cooperate with R&D departments, universities and business specialists to make a global mark.

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Internet of things

IPS, through the Internet of things (IoT), helps you keep a finger on the pulse of your company. Real time insight into your production combined with big data analysis, provides you with unlimited new opportunities.

Advanced analytics

A prerequisite for business success is the ability to see facts never seen before. IPS, through Advanced analytics, gives you the opportunity to explore both vital and real-time company data, detect trends, find hidden correlations and set the best business strategy.

Research & development

IPS teams of specialists have been proven to be ready to cooperate on R&D projects. Such projects are a perfect fit with our company. Such solutions are globally unique, use the latest technologies and must be delivered by the partner you can trust.

Custom development & support

IPS covers the entire solution throughout its life-cycle. We analyze, design, develop and maintain required solutions. Dedicated roles support the corresponding parts of the cycle. We have dynamic teams that fulfil all your needs.

Change management

IPS helps to keep standard ERP systems up-to-date, while allowing any level of system customization. Ensuring that defects and issues of standard systems are handled by ERP system suppliers while allowing quick adaptation of the latest system enhancements bring significant cost reduction.


To be able to implement your ideas, we have mastered the latest technologies to keep pace with technological progress. From all the technologies we know we have selected the following:


We cover the complete range of Microsoft Azure services. Starting from cloud services, security, micro-services, to big data, data lakes or machine learning.

Core technologies: App Service, Service Fabric, Stream Analytics, Application Insights, Data factory, Machine Learning, Automation and many more.


We cover mission-critical web applications with high-availability and global scalability across different regions. We also support UX/UI responsive design including 3D visualization.

Core technologies: Angular, React, TypeScript, ASP.NET Core, Web App Services, API App Services, Azure Functions, Azure WebJobs, Docker, WebGL and many more.


We cover cross-platform development on iOS, Android and Windows applications and mobile services in the cloud including notifications, security and data synchronizations. We also support UX/UI responsive design including 3D visualization and augmented reality.

Core technologies: Ionic, Angular, Azure Cloud Services, Application Insights and many more.

Rich experience

Rich experience solutions are a natural part of the IPS portfolio. Our specialty is advance visualization or UX/UI design.

Core technologies: Windows Presentation Foundation, Universal Windows Applications, Electron and many more.

IoT (Industrial IoT)

IoT (Industrial IoT) solutions are in high demand these days. We cover edge IoT device processing, connection to Cloud and real-time data processing from IoT devices in Cloud with real-time dashboard.
Core technologies: IoT Hub, App Service, Service Fabric, Stream Analytics, Application Insights, IoT Edge, UWA, .Net Core, Docker and many more.

Data Analytics

IPS brings data to life, though a wide range of data analytic and BI solutions. Technologies used range from traditional on premise solutions to cloud data analytics and machine learning.
Core technologies: MS BI stack (SSDB, SSIS, SSAS with both OLAP/Tabular, SSRS), PowerBI, Azure analytics suite (Data Lakes, Machine Learning, Data Factory) and many more.


Opening a world of new possibilities for traditional ERP systems and thus providing proven business services through new channels like MQ, Web Services, Data Replication etc. Smooth migration from legacy systems to new platforms, seamless integration with these systems and many more.


IPS is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and IBM partner.



Solutions implemented by IPS are often globally unique and represent significant competitive advantages for our customers. Part out our mutual trust is also based on the respect to the customer’s trade secrets and intellectual property.

We work for the global industrial leaders, Swiss banks, insurance companies and many others. Our solutions are delivered and maintained in more than 27 countries.